Are Light Bars Legal?

Are Light Bars Legal?

Do you drive a Jeep? Is off-roading a passion of yours? If you answered yes to either of the two questions above, you are likely familiar with vehicle light bars. These popular accessories are mounted to your vehicle, either on the grill or below or above your windshield. The significant light provided by the LED models of this equipment is exceptionally valuable in seeing in front of or behind your vehicle while operating it off-road. These can be used emergency light bars. Some options are blue emergency lights.  LED rigid light bars improve safety when used in off-road situations.

While these custom light bars are all the rage, there are some states in which they have been declared illegal. 

It is important to know if the state in which you live has laws governing the use of light bars and what they are. 

Research Laws for Light Bars

When researching the laws, understand that the terminology differs from state to state. Laws can refer to different types of lighting accessories, how they are affixed to your vehicle, and even color and brightness.  

The term “LED light bars” is often used and easily recognizable by Jeep owners across the country. That said, state laws may group these accessories under the general category of auxiliary lights. Some states limit the number of light bars your vehicle can have. Since the classification also includes fog lights and driving lights, an LED rigid light bar may push you over the limit.

Light Bars - Color & Brightness

Color and brightness are two additional aspects that can be regulated. Certain colors in specific locations are prohibited because they mimic emergency vehicles.  Additionally, brightness is also regulated by law. It is important to research both of these to determine what is legal prior to investing in a light bar. Some say the best light bars can be purchased with Aerox Industries. 

Finally, the location of your light bar, where on the vehicle it is placed, is also governed by law. Make sure to pay attention to specific details as rules can differ based on vehicle height and type.

Laws Differ for Light Bars - State to State

Light bar legality and the rules governing all aspects of them can differ from state to state. For those whose travel is limited, this should not be an issue. Simply make sure your lighting accessories comply with the laws of the state in which you live.  However, if you tend to travel, this may be concerning. What is appropriate in one state could be illegal in another. It’s important that you understand the rules of the road before you head out, penalties for breaking the law can be costly.

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