Celebrate The Holidays With AeroLidz

Celebrate The Holidays With AeroLidz

 At Aerolidz we offer hundreds of unique inserts for everybody. Of course, we offer Wrangler embroidered inserts, solid colors, military-themed inserts, holiday style inserts, state flags, country flags, and so much more.

At AeroLidz, you can buy an insert for any day of the week, a special time of year, and change out the insert easily for any mood you’re in.

So, you can get into the holiday spirit with these designs. You will be sure to stand out and be the topic of conversation.

Aerolidz holiday inserts are both bold and visually stunning. These 52 inch long inserts can be trimmed down to fit a shorter AeroLidz light bar silencer. Also, turn on the light bar with the insert in for an exciting and unique look! These inserts are completely removable and changeable! Of course, you can choose from several colors.

Aerolidz Inserts for Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is around the corner and what better way to celebrate America’s birthday than taking your Jeep to the beach or a BBQ with family and friends? Simply slide your July 4th AeroLidz insert into your AeroLidz light bar cover before you take your top down and head to your favorite Fourth of July celebration!

Our 4th of July holiday insert is a great way to celebrate our independence and show that you’re proud to be an American. In addition to our July 4th light bar cover insert, we also carry an Independence Day insert as well! Therefore, they are the best off road light bars. 


Independence Day Inserts

Our Independence Day insert has a classic blue background with red and white stripes on the corners with a white star in the center which accentuates the strong font style of the Independence Day in the middle. If you’re looking for an American themed insert that works for the Fourth of July but also year around, check out our USA insert!


 Red, White and Blue Inserts

Our beautiful red, white, and blue, stars and stripes insert proudly displays “USA” in the middle, making it a beautiful insert for the Fourth of July holiday, or even year around! 

Is that day time 4th of July gathering quicking turning into a night time soirée? Perfect. Toss on your AeroLidz light bar and proudly illuminate the party with your Fourth of July insert and get ready for the fireworks!

Fourth of July is an amazing time of year and now that most American’s are getting vaccinated and social distancing and mask guidelines are being lifted, this year’s holiday may be bigger than ever. Celebrate with our Fourth of July themed inserts in your Jeep with family and friends this summer!

Aerolidz Inserts

The best part about AeroLidz inserts and light bars is how quickly and easily our inserts can be swapped out! Once the Fourth of July is over, swap out the holiday insert with one of the hundreds of incredible insert designs available at AeroLidz!

AeroLidz carries dozens of holiday themed inserts for your light bar cover! Whether it’s Easter Sunday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, even Madi Gras; AeroLidz has the perfect light bar insert accessory to celebrate the holiday season. You can shop our full line of holiday themed inserts at AeroLidz today and find the best holiday themed light bar cover insert for you.


Custom Inserts

The coolest part about the level of customization with our LED Light Bar inserts is the ability to have our team at AeroLidz create any design you’d like for your insert. 

If you checked out our holiday themed collection and can’t find an insert for the holiday you’re celebrating, that’s okay, AeroLidz offers custom inserts! The level of customization with our LED Light Cover Inserts is incredible. No matter what holiday or event you’re celebrating, AeroLidz has you (and your light bar) covered!

Any cool design or saying that you can dream of for your inserts, AeroLidz will create an insert just for you.


Order Your Insert 

At AeroLidz, we want our customers to have it all: a light bar that doesn’t whistle whenever they’re driving, and the ability to show off their personality and style with one of our high-quality light bar silencer inserts! Let people know the Jeep invasion is coming. The design looks incredible when lit up at night. Order your new light bar silencer and insert from Aerolidz today!

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