Dual Row LED Vs Single Row LED Light Bars

Dual Row vs Single Row LED Light Bar – Which Should You Buy?

LED light bars provide powerful illumination and broad visibility in environments with no natural light. When a vehicle's headlights and a light bar are used together, the driver can see the road ahead and any potential hazards or obstructions along the roadside.

There are a variety of LED lighting distributors, such as LED Equipped, that stock both single-row and dual-row light bars in their inventory. The decision between the two is mostly dependent on one's preferences, as neither option is necessarily superior to the other. Nevertheless, there is one clear winner.

Which design of LED light will serve your purposes the best? We have created a summary of the benefits and downsides of each type of LED lighting for vehicles to aid you in making an informed decision regarding the LED lighting for your car.

Duel LED Row: The Benefits and Drawbacks

The majority of the light bars mounted on trucks and Jeeps have a design that consists of two rows of lights. A few factors are at play, but the beam pattern is the primary factor in determining the prevalence of double row lights.

When it comes to off-roading, most drivers want to go quite quickly. If you are not travelling at a very high rate of speed, you do not require your lights to shine very far. Double-row light bars often provide a relatively widespread beam pattern.


-dual row light bars are proportional to typical vehicle scale and sizes

-Bolder look

-better visibility

-more lumen output

-fit more words and content when you customize!

The Positives and Negatives of Having Only One Row Of LEDS

When it comes to automobiles used in desert races, single row light bars are significantly more common than they are on other types of vehicles. You might be curious why there are so many single rows of lights on desert race vehicles.

The light projection from single row lights significantly contributes to the response. It is necessary to have an unobstructed view of the road when travelling fast in the desert. If your light bar is not powerful enough to illuminate a vast area, moving quickly through the desert can be risky.

Because light bars take up less vertical space, you can fit more of them into a given area. In addition, the projectors used in single row light bars are significantly larger, enabling them to concentrate a greater amount of light in a single direction. As a direct consequence of this, less light will reach the sky and your hood.


-single row led light bar features

-slimmer look

-sleek design

-still functional

-fits in more places more mounting options

-insert designs are smaller as well, less wording for custom light bars