LED Light Bar Buying Tips

LED Light Bar Buying Tips

Small Vs Large Light Bar

52 inch light bars are the most popular. We recommend those over a smaller light bar especially on a Jeep. 

Full Length Light Bar(52 inch)

If you want a full length light bar then we suggest our double 52 inch light bar. It has widest area of illumination and is usually placed on top of the windshield.


Small Light Bar(20 or 22 inch)

If you want a smaller light bar for better direct light(rather then spear light) we suggest a 20 inch or 22 inch light bar.


Number of Rows (1 or 2)

You don't need to be an expert on LED lights to recognize that a light bar with two rows will emit more light. Double row light bars, on the other hand, are much more expensive due to this factor. Double row lights are frequently the most popular option, but if you want your car to have a low profile, a single row light is the best choice. A single row light may also appear nicer than a double row light, depending on the size of your car.

Light Bar Color

Depending on the product you're interested in, we suggest a combination of colored LEDs and colored lenses to produce distinct lighting effects. Under most circumstances white lights are going to provide the brightest lighting experience. But, When there are particles in the air (snow, dust, fog, rain), white can reflect off of these particles making it difficult to see. In comparison, amber illuminate without reflection better.

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