Light Bars Can Help Keep You And Your Family Save

Light Bars Can Help Keep You And Your Family Save

Light Bars Can Help Keep You And Your Family Save

High Quality Light Bars

At AeroLidz we sell beautiful high quality LED vehicle light bars, light bar silencer covers, and light bar inserts for your Jeep or off-road vehicle at great prices. We offer endless customization options for your light bar including custom inserts, single or dual row light bars, light bar silencer covers, and more. Light bars are a fun way to customize your vehicle but did you know that light bars also keep you safe?

Off Road With Light Bars

Whether you’re an avid off-road Jeep enthusiast or simply enjoy an occasional adventure off the beaten path, you’re familiar with the dangers that can occur when you’re traveling off-road, especially alone. Depending on where you are off-roading in your Jeep, you may find yourself in several different types of dangerous situations.

Take for instance Black Bear Pass in Telluride, Colorado. Black Bear Pass has claimed many Jeeps and 4x4’s and in some unfortunate cases the drivers of the vehicles themselves on this dangerous off-road trail. 

The stunning 8.5 mile trail through the Uncompahgre National Forest has a sign before you enter that states “Your vehicle should have low-range 4WD, good tires, good brakes, excellent articulation, and a fully functional emergency brake”. One thing you should also have to keep you safe that the sign doesn’t mention is a light bar.

At AeroLidz, our 52” light bar shines at an incredible 30,000 lumens. An LED Light bar with 30,000 lumens is more than enough to safely light the off-road trail of Black Bear Pass or any off-road trail in the country. 

Light Bars SOS Signal

In addition to keeping you safe on the trail by illuminating the road, our RGB LED Light Bars also have the ability to pulsate an SOS distress signal. Therefore, emergency light bars. Hopefully you’d never need to use your light bar to send an SOS signal but if you ever found yourself in a situation that called for it, it’s great to have. Should you ever go off the side of an embankment, get stuck on a trail, or simply need to get a passerby or hiker's attention, an SOS signal shining at 30,000 lumens is a surefire way to alert someone that you’re in trouble.

Using an SOS signal might sound a bit dramatic but there are other practical uses for your light bar that keep you safe as well. If you’re traveling down a remote road alone, you can use your light bar to alert you of hazardous items in the road or animals that may be crossing the road. 

While nothing can replace common sense, experience, or general cautiousness while off-roading, having a high quality light bar that you can rely on is a comforting feeling before you head out on your next adventure. AeroLiz has amazing custom light bars. Shop AeroLidz today for the top rated and best light bars on the market.

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