Making Light Bars Great Again

Making Light Bars Great Again 

Jeep Wranglers are one of the most customizable vehicles on the market and what better accessory to add to your Jeep than a light bar.

Owners of Jeeps across the country and around the world are turning to light bars to customize their vehicles. These accessories have become increasingly popular in recent years. They look great and improve the function of the automobile on which they are installed. These bars are ideal for illuminating the areas either in front or behind you, an extremely valuable feature for those who enjoy off-roading. They can be used as emergency light bars. 

Today, LED light bars are among the most popular on the market. They are brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and have a longer life span. Your not trading form for function - LED light bars are a win-win decision. 

Aerolidz has the best light bars. Some consider them the brightest LED light bar on the market. LED light bars give your Jeep the look and practicality for an off-road beast! With the ability to adjust the light output, you can crank up the light to see a trail late at night or dim it down to illuminate an outdoor bonfire party without blinding your friends. Whether you want your light color to match the color of your Jeep or the mood you’re in, our RGB Light Bar gives you the customization you want.



LED Light Bars 

The market for LED vehicle light bars is expanding as demand for the product continues to grow. Today, innovative organizations are producing new and unique products that are selling super fast.  Consider Aerox Industries AeroLidz newest products.  Our Single Row Combo Pack  includes, Aerolightz 50 Inch 280w Straight Led light bar with RGB HALO + AeroLidz Cover + AeroShadez Insert

One of the best parts of buying your LED Light Bar with AeroLidz is that your light bars come with a light bar protective cover! Because of the light bar cover, AeroLidz LED Light Bars are built to last. Our light bars are made of the highest grade materials available and are resistant to water penetration, shock and vibration: If you're a Jeep enthusiast you know this light bar protection is crucial. AeroLidz is so confident in the quality of our light bar that we offer a 12-month warranty, just in case! 

This product is groundbreaking. As the only RGB changing single row light bar on the market, its popularity is unsurprisingly growing by the minute. Perhaps its most attractive quality is its customizable control. The color options are practically limitless and the system can be operated using a remote or bluetooth app. With a 300 watt light and chasing RGB halo ring, your LED Light Bar will be turning heads everywhere you go. The light bar can be customized to shine bright in any color you want with the ability to change at a moment’s notice via your app or remote controller.  It is truly the latest and greatest in technology and style.

LED Light Bars They Come In Many Sizes

LED rigid light bars are available in a range of sizes allowing you to select the best options for your personal vehicle. Other options when buying a LED light bar include color, pattern, shape, and number of rows. The fact that so much is customizable allows vehicle owners to purchase exactly what they want. 

Jeep owners looking for a little “something extra” can consider 3” LED Pods. These accessories are a great way to accessorize your vehicle and can be used in conjunction with custom light bars. 

If you own a Jeep and are looking to customize it for a better off-roading experience, consider the installation of an LED light bar. Form and function are important, and LED light bars offer both.

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