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If you're seeking for pure illumination power, go no farther than the 52 inch DUAL ROW RGB CHASING LED LIGHT BAR. It's one of the most powerful Jeep light bars available today, with the model's capacity to produce spot beams, flood beams, or a mix of the two. In terms of versatility, however, there may be no model more adaptable than our 30" SINGLE ROW COMBO PACK RGB CHASING LED LIGHT BAR + COVER + INSERT
, a smaller size that enables it to be attached on your Jeep's roof or grille. Furthermore, the Jeep LED light bar's manual adjustment allows you to aim the beam in a broad variety of angles, making it ideal for non-driving illumination (such as illuminating a work site or disaster area).



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Jeep Wranglers are one of the most customizable vehicles on the market and what better accessory to add to your Jeep than a light bar. At AeroLidz, our 52” LED Light Bar gives your Jeep the look and practicality for an off-road beast!

Our 52” LED Light Bar shines at an incredible 28,0000 lumens guaranteed to light your path whether it’s on the road, or off the road. Our light bar has over 300 chasing modes controlled remotely or via a Bluetooth app on your iPhone or Android device. Best of all, our 52” LED Light Bar is easy to install with matching 52” brackets. 

With a 300 watt light and chasing RGB halo ring, your LED Light Bar will be turning heads everywhere you go. The light bar can be customized to shine bright in any color you want with the ability to change at a moment’s notice via your app or remote controller.